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About Café B - Burton

Why does Café B Special Blend Coffee Taste so Good?

Our coffee is a blend of three different beans each personally chosen for their distinctive flavour, which, when combined, create the unique and individual taste you experience at Café B.

The three beans feature tastes from across the globe, Brazil, Costa Rica and Ethiopia.
A smooth tasting high end product.

Ever Noticed How Much Work Goes into Every Cup of Coffee at Café B ?

All of our staff at Café B are trained baristas, this means that we have been taught the skill of making the perfect coffee, from espresso to cappuccino.

From the hand picked blend of coffee beans, to the hand grated chocolate sprinkled on top of your cappuccino, the staff at Café B work hard to ensure that each individual coffee is served to you, our customer, to the excellent standard that you have come to expect from Café B.

Take Time…. Relax…. Unwind….

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Café B

30 High Street, Burton Upon Trent DE14 1JN

Tel: 07954417056