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About Marianne and Gareth Café B's owners

"Gareth and Marianne bought Café B in August 2015 and after closing for a week to refurbish they opened on September 5th with a grand opening by Natasha Stringer a former contestant on Great British Bake Off.

Gareth was formerly a master decorator, self employed since the 1980's. Marianne was a midwife who specialised in working with pregnant mothers that were drinking or using drugs. They met in 2012, both being really busy with their careers. After marrying in August 2014 they quickly realised that both wanted a little bit more from life and to see each other more! They decided to buy a coffee shop together and set about researching shops, coffees, hygeine training and Barista training. Then they found cafe B and fell in love with it, both handed in their notice and left to start their new life.They bought the cafe from Liz and Jill who had run it for the last 6 years, opened in September and never looked back!"

Café B

30 High Street, Burton Upon Trent DE14 1JN

Tel: 07954417056